Why You Need a Gastronomic Living BBQ Grills & Ovens in Your Life

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On your new outdoor grill from Gastronomic Living, impress your visitors at birthdays, sporting events, and holidays with juicy burgers, veggie skewers, and more, all cooked to perfection. Gastronomic Qatar provides the barbecue grills, smokers, and accessories you need to be a genuine pit master, from sizzling special events to simple, delicious everyday meals you can create in minutes.

BBQ grills and ovens for gastronomic living

Whether you're a seasoned grill pro or have just tried searing your first steak, grab everything you need to live out your BBQ grill fantasies, and you'll quickly become everyone's favourite host.

For various reasons, the grill is frequently the centre of attention at summer get-togethers. We will go through seven of them in this post to demonstrate the necessity of a BBQ in your life. Interested? Let's start cooking now!


Countless dining options

Grilled meats, fish, and veggies are fantastic, but did you know you can also grill pizza, quesadillas, and even cake? So prepare a selection of fire-grilled foods to satisfy everyone's cravings at your next outdoor party and impress your visitors.

Eating a Healthier Diet

Grilling is an excellent approach to increasing the nutritional value of your meal. Grilling, as opposed to baking or frying, helps the meat retain more nutrients. Grilling benefits veggies more than boiling or frying because it maintains vital components.

Reduce costs

People who grill more frequently spend less money dining out and use less electricity. The heat from cooking in the kitchen may cause your air conditioner to overdrive. You can prepare your favourite cut of steak at home for a fraction of the expense of a restaurant by learning how to grill.

Exclude socializing from mealtime

By grilling, an ordinary meal may be transformed into a social event. You get the opportunity to spend quality time with your family or visitors. Children may continue to play outside as you prepare their favourite dishes right next to them. It's always a little more pleasurable to have supper out!

Available All Year Long

There is no "BBQ season" because you can grill all year! Traditional holiday delicacies such as ham and turkey may be transformed into BBQ recipes. Getting a smoker gives you bonus points!

Smokes While Also Working

Without a smoker, no BBQ experience is fully complete. On certain grills, the grill and the smoker may both be used.

Even Ovens may be made out of it! Having flexibility in the kitchen is a huge advantage when it comes to BBQing. You and your guests will relish every last bite if you smoke your meats and vegetables before putting them on the grill because the taste is unmatched.

Finishes any backyard

A BBQ is now a must in the backyard. You have a wide selection of charcoal barbecues, electric grills, portable grills, and natural gas grills from which to choose the ideal BBQ for your budget and outside space.

We provide top-of-the-line barbecues and smokers from reputable manufacturers, and our professionals can help you select the perfect BBQ for your needs!

It's up to you which grill you use. Beyond your timetable and dining preferences, it's essential to comprehend the many outdoor grill models and what they can each achieve for you. For assistance from industry professionals on picking the ideal barbecue grill for your needs and way of life, browse our shopping guide for grills and outdoor cooking equipment.

Learn about the many types of outdoor grills and what they can provide. Next, review our extensive BBQ Grills & Ovens range, check out user reviews and evaluate various characteristics to discover your ideal fit. Our range of grills consists of the following:

For a classic grilling experience, use charcoal grills.

Gas grills make grilling simple and practical.

Outdoor smokers for slow cooking mix moisture, heat, and smoke from wood chips to give your meal an unmistakable taste.

Electric grills for those who need to or wish to reduce smoke production

Your favourite dishes are your favourite dishes: fryers, accessories, BBQ sauces, spices, cleaning products, and components for deep-frying.

Make your backyard barbecue grill the centre of attention once you select the ideal grill and starter accessories. See our suggestions for designing your outside area.

Get tips on making your grill area as appealing as possible and ideas for entertainment and seating outside. Your brand-new grill is an investment that needs maintenance. Ensure you understand how to thoroughly clean your grill and eliminate any hefty residue that accumulates after each usage.

Gastronomic Living offers everything you need to start cooking on your new outdoor grill, whether you're up for a grilling marathon or just looking for a quick way to upgrade every meal.

Heston Blumenthal and Australian grill expert Everdure worked together to create Everdure by Heston Blumenthal. The line includes a variety of gas and charcoal barbecues, a mobile kitchen, and accessories. Delivering that authentic chargrilled flavour, even on gas, is a top priority.

Some of the range's standout features include ingenious Fast Flame Ignition System-equipped charcoal BBQs that ensure you're ready to grill in 10 minutes at the touch of a button, intelligent design elements for enhanced functionality, and an aesthetic approach that makes every item as pleasing to look at as it is to use. The Everdure by Heston Blumenthal line of goods includes the following items, all of which are offered at Gastronomic Living:

The 4K Charcoal Outdoor BBQ

Superior Ovens that combine innovation and heritage. In only 10 minutes, the one-touch Fast Flame Ignition System ignites the grill, and an easy-to-use LED digital display regulates everything from convection roasting to low and slow smoking.

The cook can monitor the kitchen remotely from wherever they are, thanks to Bluetooth app connectivity, which removes the need for them to stand over the hood.

The Hub II Charcoal Outdoor Oven

The Hub has a rotisserie pole system for simple multi-level height adjustment and is marketed as the "Ultimate Outdoor Grilling Entertainer." The Hub is made of titanium-coated stainless steel for durability and excellent heat-transfer performance and is available in a Premium Black finish.

The One Touch Rotisserie Pole System can be quickly withdrawn and stored in a concealed storage compartment. In addition, automated touch controls make cooking with the Hub a straightforward and smooth experience.

Fusion Charcoal Outdoor BBQ with Pedestal

Barbecue purists and outdoor cooking fans will love the Fusion Outdoor Charcoal Barbeque with Pedestal. It has a built-in, motor-powered rotisserie mechanism with manually adjustable multi-level height settings.

The Fusion offers an unrivalled grilling experience by combining the advantages of charcoal and electricity.

The Cube

The Cube has a cleverly integrated food-grade storage tray and bamboo preparation board that is simple to stow and set up and is perfect for last-minute grilling. The Cube's cool-to-the-touch chrome handles allow it to be moved while cooking, and its detachable charcoal tray makes cleanup easy and hassle-free afterwards.

This is the best option for outdoor grilling and is offered in stylish finishes of Graphite or Khaki.

Outdoor Gas BBQ Furnace

The Furnace Outdoor Gas Barbeque is a capable all-rounder with many uses. It has an enamel-coated, interchangeable cast iron flat plate and grill plate with built-in flame tamers, making it perfect for direct grilling and convection cooking.

The grill can be heated and ready in less than five minutes, thanks to a quick ignition mechanism.

BBQ grill with mixed meat

Cleaning Your BBQ Grill

It's time to prepare your equipment for another season of outdoor cookouts, burgers, and barbecues as grill season approach. The first thing to do before arranging a barbeque is to thoroughly clean the grill of any leftover food from last summer's culinary excursions.

Even though you cleaned the grill before storing it for the winter, you should still clean it at the beginning of each new BBQ season.

This is why: Every surface of your grill, including the grates, hood, inside of the firebox, flavouring bars, and burner tubes, develops carbon deposits as a result of the same grilling techniques that give your burgers and steaks that Instagram-worthy, tasty char marks (on gas grills).

Not only are those crusty carbon deposits unsightly, but fat and sweet sauces can adhere to them and support microbial growth. Additionally, a significant carbon accumulation might make the grill heat unevenly, fail to achieve its maximum working temperature, and prematurely fail the gas burner tubes.

Giving the grill a brief scrape after each user would simplify cleaning. Then, throughout the summer, follow these easy steps: After each cooking session, clean the grill grates with a wire brush. Before lighting the grill, make sure all wire brush bristles are removed.

If you grill regularly, such as at least once weekly, give the grates a thorough cleaning every two months. Additionally, thoroughly clean it twice during each grilling season to ensure your grill cooks better and lasts longer. The fundamental cleaning techniques described here apply to gas and charcoal grills; charcoal grills have fewer components.

Cleaning Equipment for Grills

Numerous equipment, gadgets, and gizmos are available for cleaning grills online or at your neighbourhood hardware shop, but nothing beats a long-handled wire brush, a wire bottle brush, a five-gallon bucket, and some elbow sweat.

Since chemicals can give food a sour flavour, avoid using them to clean your grill. Instead, you only need warm water, dish soap that cuts through oil, thick baking soda paste and cleaning vinegar.

A specialized stainless steel cleaner goes a long way toward making your grill gleam if its outer surfaces are made of stainless steel. Of course, you'll also want a few disposable scouring sponges, cotton rags, and long-cuffed rubber gloves.

Wait for a cloudy day to clean stainless steel; the hot sun can make removing streaks from stainless steel surfaces challenging. Plus, working outside in colder temperatures is more enjoyable.

The Method Burn It Off

Start by lighting a fire in a gas grill, shutting the hood, and allowing it to reach its maximum temperature. Wait at least 30 minutes for any food or fat stuck on to be burned off by the intense temperature.

Next, remove all the carbon from the grates by scrubbing them with a wire brush dipped in a pail of warm, soapy water. After that, disconnect the propane tank and turn off the gas. Let the grill finish cooling.

Put the used charcoal briquettes from the grills into a metal container. Then, remove any caked-on charcoal dust and debris using a putty knife.

Soak it up

Remove all the grates and glamorizer bars after the grill has cooled, then wholly soak them in a tub of warm, soapy water. Grease trays, warming racks, and other components that you can readily remove from the grill should also be removed. Most gas grills also include replaceable burner tubes; look for a single screw or cotter pin on one end of each line.

Make use of a vacuum.

The interior of the firebox is uncovered and prepared for cleaning once the grill grates and flavour bars have been removed. First, put an empty bucket beneath the grease tray hole behind the firebox to collect the dirty water and debris you flush.

Clean out the firebox of any caked-on grime by using a plastic putty knife. To gather any residual loose material, use a wet/dry vacuum, either a full-size or compact one. You shouldn't feel guilty about using a wet/dry vacuum to remove the accumulated debris in your grill because they are often used in workshops. After cleaning the firebox, please give it a garden hose rinse.

Clean up everything

Take the grates and panels out and scrub them with the wire brush once they have soaked. If the grime is difficult to remove, mix baking soda and white vinegar and apply it directly to the worst caked-on areas.

Properly dry cast-iron grates to prevent corrosion by rinsing all surfaces clean. Additionally, this is an excellent opportunity to check the porcelain grates for any chips that might result in corruption. Before using the grates again, remove any splinters or rust, then coat them with oil to create a protective coating.

Examine your burners for corrosion or obstructions in the line of flame-emitting holes. If your grill is left idle for a time, the burner tubes provide an attractive place for spiders to deposit their eggs. Use a wire brush to sweep the row of holes back and forth. The interior of each tube should next be cleaned with a wire bottle brush.

Clean and Wash

After emptying the unclean water, fill the bucket with clean water and a few drops of dish soap. Now use a large kitchen sponge to clean the grill's whole outside. Avoid using steel wool, metal sponges, and abrasive scouring pads on finished surfaces, as they might damage them.

Use incredibly absorbent microfiber towels to clean and dry all surfaces after cleaning the grill's exterior.

Wrapping up

As a finishing touch, stainless-steel cleaner is fantastic, but it won't eliminate many buildups or baked-on grime. Instead, spray some cleaning, give it time to sit, and wipe it off with a fresh, dry towel. Try using pure vinegar on difficult grease stains before wiping them off with simple water.

Reattach the propane tank, then turn on the grill for at least 15 minutes before turning it off. You might need to apply a more powerful grease-cutting cleaner if the grease and oil stains continue to appear.

This will assist in burning off any cleaning residue, seasoning the cast-iron grates, and ensuring that everything is correctly reinstalled. Then, the only thing left to do is to order some steaks, hamburgers, and hot dogs and invite some people over.