Firewood in Qatar - Everything You Need to Know

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firewood in QatarFirewood is a great way to stay warm during the cold winter months in Qatar. It's also great for cooking your favourite foods. Here's what you need to know about sourcing, storing, and burning firewood in Qatar – including some tips on finding the best type of wood for your needs.

What Kind of Firewood Is Available In Qatar?

Firewood in Qatar is available from several suppliers, including supermarkets, furniture stores, and building materials suppliers. Several types of hardwood can be used for firewood in Qatar, such as Oak, sycamore, and mahogany. 
Softwood will burn faster but not last as long – pine or cedar make excellent firewood if you want something to burn quickly. It's also essential to ensure the wood has been stored properly to avoid bringing pests into your home. Firewood in Qatar should come from sustainably-sourced wood and sourced from a reputable supplier to guarantee the highest quality. 

Price of Firewood in Qatar

Prices for firewood vary depending on the type of wood, so if you're looking for something budget-friendly, consider softwoods such as pine or cedar. It's also essential to ensure it has been appropriately stored before transporting it home – make sure it is seasoned, dry, and free of bugs. 
Firewood can be delivered in bundles that are around 25 cm in length, which is ideal for standard fireplaces. When burning firewood, always keep an eye on the fire and never leave it unattended.
When buying firewood in Qatar, always ask for advice about storage techniques - between 45 and 60 percent humidity is ideal for storing wood safely and effectively without any risk of bugs or rot setting in. Lastly, always check with your local authorities on what kind of wood is safe to burn, as there may be restrictions due to air pollution or other environmental concerns.

How to Prepare and Store Firewood?

Preparing and storing the wood properly ensures the best quality firewood with the longest burning time. The best way to do this is to purchase a covered firewood rack from your local hardware store.
It will protect the wood from rain, snow, and other elements, such as insects. Be sure to stack the wood in layers for air flow between pieces for proper drying. Additionally, split or cut the logs into manageable lengths for easy feeding into your fireplace or stove.

Protecting Firewood from Premature Deterioration

Cover your firewood with a tarp to protect it from premature deterioration. Re-stack your firewood every few months to ensure proper drying and allow air circulation between the pieces of wood. Place some lime or insect repellent within each pile of firewood to protect against pests. 
Make sure that you leave tiny gaps between the logs so they can absorb more rainwater rather than storing them all too close together. Store any wet records outside your main woodpile until they are dry enough for burning. Finally, ensure you have easy access to your firewood all winter long when you need it most.

Which Types of Firewood are Best for Barbecuing? 

When it comes to grilling, the flavour is vital. We suggest using hardwoods such as Oak, maple, cherry, and hickory to achieve the desired flavor. For grilling, you should avoid softwoods like pine, as the sap can make for a bitter taste and produce excess smoke when burning. 
The wood selection also plays a vital role in temperature regulation. Denser woods will burn longer than softer woods and evenly regulate the heat throughout your cookout.

Managing Firewood in Qatar for Grilling and Gastronomic Living

In Qatar, wood is only sometimes as plentiful as it is in other countries. However, options can still be used when barbecuing or cooking over an open fire. Pomegranate and almond wood are two of the most common types of firewood found in Qatar, making excellent grilling choices. 
Pomegranate and almond wood burn slowly and evenly while providing a mild aroma to enhance your food's flavor. Both kinds of wood contain resins that produce flavorful smoke, making them ideal for creating tasty grilled dishes.

What to Consider When Choosing the Right Type of Firewood?

firewood typeWhen selecting the correct type of firewood, it is essential to consider several factors. The most important of these is the hardwood/softwood ratio. Generally, a mix of hard and softwoods will create an optimal cooking experience. 
Hardwoods such as Oak, maple, cherry, and hickory are denser, yielding more BTUs meaning longer cook times with less ash build-up. Softwoods such as pine can be used in moderation and add flavor when mixed with hardwoods. Additionally, you want to ensure the wood is seasoned and free from dampness or mildew before burning, as wet wood can cause unpleasant odors and smoke build-up.
Another critical factor is the availability of different kinds of firewood in Qatar. Your local lumberyard or power shop is a great place to start. Many parts of Qatar have access to a wide variety of firewood from native trees such as desert acacia, eucalyptus, and hab el arid but also from further abroad like Oak from the Caucasus and Mesquite from Australia. Each type has its unique flavor and can be used to cook pizza, grill meat, or provide cozy comfort during cold winter nights. Knowing your wood before burning it will ensure you get the most out of your firewood experience.

Where to Buy Firewood in Qatar?

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Firewood in Qatar is widely available from local vendors. Firewood can usually be found in outdoor markets or on the side of the highway in many towns and cities. It is essential to research which vendors produce the highest quality wood and inspect it before buying, as some firewood contains insects or mildew. In addition, it is crucial to buy only what you need since large amounts of firewood can be hard to store without the risk of spoilage.
There are plenty of sources for firewood in Qatar, including websites such as,,, and All offer a range of woods and lengths to suit your needs and budgets. 
In addition to these online retailers, you can buy firewood from gardening, home improvement, and even grocery stores throughout the region. Whichever option you choose, it's essential to ensure the wood is adequately seasoned before burning it – this will ensure it burns more evenly and efficiently.
Vendors that specialise in firewood typically sell logs cut to an appropriate size, making it easier to measure and store. High-quality wood is easy to tell – it will be dry and not feel damp or spongy when handled. Wet wood is harder to burn, releases much smoke, and probably smells moldy. Prices for firewood in Qatar vary depending on the vendor, but good quality wood should be available for a moderate price, and bulk orders can bring costs down even more.

The Bottom Line

Qatar generally needs a comprehensive supply of local firewood. However, several vendors specialise in offering dry hardwood for burning. Most of the wood is imported from India, Jordan, and Syria and processed in Qatar into usable sizes. 
Qatar's most popular firewood types are Acacia, Eucalyptus, Grapevine Wood, and Olive Wood. All these types should be readily available from any vendor. Always ask to inspect the logs before buying them, as moisture content and overall quality can vary widely, and this will affect how well the wood burns in your fire pit or fireplace. 
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