Meat and Food in Qatar - Exploring the Various Options

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meat and food in QatarQatar has become a significant destination for international cuisine, offering food and meat choices worldwide. With distinctive flavours and textures to discover, explore our comprehensive guide to find the tastiest dishes, traditional recipes, and more!

What is Doha's Food Culture Like?

As a tourist or a resident of Qatar, it is essential to understand that the food culture of Doha is diverse and varied. Many restaurants and eateries throughout the city offer up dishes from all corners of the world – allowing diners to sample a wide range of cuisine. 
The local traditional dishes are still prominently featured on menus here. However, you will also find plenty of multinational options as well. From fast-food joints to high-end restaurant experiences, there's something for everyone in Doha. Make sure to venture out and experience this exciting food landscape for yourself!

Join a Food Tour or Tasting Session to Learn About Cuisine and Culture

Qatar is full of unique and exciting food experiences to explore. Food tours and tasting sessions allow visitors to explore the local cuisine. 
You can also learn about how dishes are traditionally prepared. Furthermore, you also gain insight into the culture and history of Qatar. These tours offer an interactive way for travellers to learn the local flavours and discover hidden gems in Qatar's food scene.

Enjoy Meat-Friendly Meals in Several Restaurants Across Qatar

There are plenty of meat-friendly restaurants in Qatar for those looking for diverse food options. From barbeque restaurants in Doha to traditional eateries serving time-honoured favourites like 'Mandi' to international cuisine, you can guarantee that you'll find something to satisfy your taste buds. If you would like to enjoy some locally available meats such as camel or goat, then be sure to visit one of the many local markets and try out some traditional dishes crafted with freshly caught seafood.

Buy Halal Meat at Locally Sourced Butcheries, Groceries, and Online Stores

meat and food in Qatar
Halal meat is one of Qatar's most popular food and meat options, available through locally sourced butcheries, groceries, and online stores. When buying halal meat in Qatar, look out for 'halal verified' stickers on the packaging and familiarize yourself with the available cuts of meat. Ensure you read the labels carefully to ensure you're purchasing from a reliable source. Halal meats are marked by their freshness and unique flavour!

Discover the Authentic Qatari Cuisine

Try some popular traditional dishes to learn about Qatar's taste and flavours. Biryani, Mandi, and Maqluba are some of the many delicious options you must try out during your stay in Qatar. 
These dishes use a combination of spices, succulent meats, cooked rice or potatoes, and fragrant herbs and can be found in local restaurants nationwide. Make sure to explore these distinct culinary experiences to learn what authentic Qatari cuisine honestly tastes like!

Meat Options in Qatar

Qatar offers many food options, including meat dishes, for locals and visitors. 

Camel Meat

Camel meat is one of the most popular meats in Qatar. It is commonly found in traditional Qatari dishes and is known for its tender and flavorful taste. Some popular dishes made with camel meat include thareed, machboos, and saloona.

Lamb Meat

Lamb meat is another popular meat option in Qatar. It is widely used in traditional dishes such as balaleet, harees, and margooga. Lamb meat is also used in kebabs and grilled dishes.

chicken BBQChicken

Chicken is a widely consumed meat in Qatar. It is used in various dishes such as biryani, shawarma, and its grilled version. Chicken shawarma is a popular street food in Qatar. It can be found in almost every corner of the country.


Beef is not as common as other meat options in Qatar. However, it is still available in some restaurants and supermarkets. Because of its juicy and unique "meaty" quality, it is popular in dishes such as steaks, burgers, and stews.

Food Options in Qatar

Here are the different food options you can enjoy while in Qatar.

Arabic Cuisine

Arabic cuisine is one of the most popular food options in Qatar. It is famous for its rich flavours and aromatic spices. Some popular Arabic dishes in Qatar include hummus, tabbouleh, and falafel.

Qatari Cuisine

Qatari cuisine is a fusion of various cuisines, including Arabic, Indian, and Persian. It is known for its rich flavours and generous use of spices. Some of the popular Qatari dishes include machboos, thareed, and balaleet.
  • Machboos: Machboos is a spiced rice dish with chicken, lamb, or fish. It is seasoned with a blend of spices and is often served with a side of vegetables.
  • Thareed: Thareed is a dish made with chunks of lamb or chicken cooked in a tomato-based sauce with vegetables and spices. It usually comes with bread.
  • Balaleet: Balaleet is a sweet vermicelli pudding made with rosewater and saffron. It usually comes as a dessert or as a breakfast dish.

shawarmaStreet Food in Qatar

Qatar has a vibrant street food scene, and there are many delicious and affordable options to choose from. Some famous street foods include shawarma, falafel, and karak chai.

Seafood in Qatar

Qatar is a peninsula surrounded by the Persian Gulf, so seafood is a popular food option. Visitors can indulge in fresh and delicious seafood dishes such as grilled fish, prawn curry, and seafood biryani.

Indian Cuisine

Indian cuisine is also a popular food option in Qatar. Its popularity is due to its spicy and flavorful taste. Some of the famous Indian dishes in Qatar include biryani, butter chicken, and tandoori chicken.

Western Cuisine

Western cuisine is widely available in Qatar. It includes dishes such as burgers, pizzas, and sandwiches. Many fine dining options are also available for those looking for a more upscale dining experience.

Halal Food in Qatar

Halal food is food that is permissible under Islamic law. In Qatar, all meat products are required to be halal. For this reason, there are many halal restaurants and supermarkets available. 
The country has strict regulations when it comes to halal food. Thus, visitors must know these regulations to ensure they consume halal food.

Ramadan in Qatar

Ramadan is a holy month in the Islamic calendar. Thus, it is an important time for Muslims in Qatar. For this reason, visitors can experience the culture and traditions of Ramadan by participating in iftar, the breaking of the fast, and suhoor, the pre-dawn meal.

Culinary Events in Qatar

Qatar hosts several culinary events throughout the year, including the Qatar International Food Festival, the Qatar International Seafood Festival, and the Taste of Qatar festival. These events showcase the best Qatari and international cuisine. Thus, these are great ways to experience the country's culinary scene.
Qatar food
  • Qatar International Food Festival: The Qatar International Food Festival is an annual event showcasing the best Qatari and international cuisine. It features cooking demonstrations, food stalls, and live entertainment.
  • Qatar International Seafood Festival: The Qatar International Seafood Festival celebrates Qatar's seafood culture annually. It features cooking demonstrations, seafood stalls, and live entertainment.
  • Taste of Qatar: Taste of Qatar is an annual food festival showcasing the best Qatari and international cuisine. It features cooking demonstrations, food stalls, and live entertainment.


Qatar offers a wide range of food options, including various meat dishes. From traditional Arabic and Qatari dishes to Indian and Western cuisine, visitors and locals can indulge in multiple food options in Qatar. Furthermore, strict regulations on halal food assure visitors that the meat they consume in Qatar is halal. For this reason, be sure to try out the local cuisine and experience the rich flavours and aromas of meat and food in Qatar.