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Beef Rump Steaks A Grade (Frozen) QAR 65/kg

QAR 65
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Product Description

Our beef rump A-grade is a premium cut of beef sourced from the finest South African cattle. It is carefully selected and organically raised to ensure the highest quality and taste. With its tender and juicy texture, this beef rump is perfect for grilling, roasting, or braising. Whether you're hosting a barbecue or preparing a special dinner, our beef rump A-grade will impress your guests and satisfy your taste buds. 


- Finest grade South African beef 
- Tender and juicy texture 
- Versatile for various cooking methods 
- Organically raised for health benefits - Rich and flavourful taste 


- High-quality protein source 
- Nutrient-rich with essential vitamins and minerals 
- Supports a healthy and balanced diet 
- Provides a delicious and satisfying meal option 
- Perfect for special occasions or everyday cooking


Why Go For Beef Rump A Grade?

Embrace the exquisite quality of our A-Grade Beef Rump, meticulously sourced from the lush pastures of South Africa. This prime cut of beef, famed for its rich flavour and firm texture, makes a sterling addition to any gourmet meal. The A-Grade classification signifies the highest standard of beef, ensuring excellent marbling and a superior taste. When you choose our South African Beef Rump, you're not just opting for a dining delight; you're also supporting ethical and sustainable farming methods.
Experience the robust and distinct flavours of our South African Beef Rump. The cut's impressive marbling ensures a succulent and tender texture, while its thickness makes it ideal for various cooking methods, including roasting, grilling, or braising. Every bite delivers a burst of rich, mouthwatering flavours that redefine your culinary expectations.


Reaping the Benefits

Choosing this premium meat product provides multiple benefits, beyond just the exceptional taste. Beef is packed with vital nutrients such as protein, iron, and vitamin B12, contributing to a balanced diet and promoting overall health. Moreover, our beef comes from South African farms that prioritise sustainable practices, safeguarding biodiversity, and promoting the health of our planet.

Take Action

So why wait to enhance your dining experience? Order our A-Grade Beef Rump from Gastronomic Living today and savour the blend of unrivalled quality, unforgettable flavours, and sustainable farming. Because it's not just about dining, it's about creating memorable feasts with respect for our environment. Contact us today!
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