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biltong sliced

Dry Spiced Beef Biltong

QAR 65 – QAR 130
  Biltong is a beloved South African culinary treasure, celebrated for its rich flavor and hearty texture. Originating from Dutch settlers in Southern Africa, biltong is a traditional dried meat...
dry spiced beef droewors

Laeveld Dry Spiced Beef Droewors

QAR 65 – QAR 130
Droëwors is a traditional South African delicacy renowned for its savory flavor and unique texture. Originating from the Afrikaans words "droë" meaning dry and "wors" meaning sausage, droëwors is a...
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Dry Spiced Biltong Whole QAR 130/KG

QAR 130
Product Description Experience the deep, rich flavours of our Dry Spiced Biltong Whole, an authentic South African delicacy crafted from the best cuts of beef and a perfect blend of...