Beef Mince 500g (Frozen)

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Product Description

Our lean mince beef is made from high-quality South African beef that is lean and flavourful. It is perfect for creating delicious and healthy meals, whether burgers, meatballs, or a hearty Bolognese sauce. With its low-fat content, you can enjoy the rich taste of beef without guilt. Our lean mince beef is a versatile ingredient that will elevate your cooking and satisfy your taste buds. 


 - Made from high-quality South African beef
 - Lean and low in fat 
 - Rich and flavourful 
 - Versatile ingredient for various recipes


- Enjoy the taste of beef without the excess fat 
- Create healthy and delicious meals 
- Versatile ingredient for a variety of recipes 
- High-quality beef for a satisfying dining experience.

Mince Beef: From the Plains of South Africa to Your Kitchen

Savour the rich and unique taste of South African beef with our Premium Lean Minced Beef. Carefully sourced from the verdant pastures of South Africa, renowned for their fertile soils and exceptional grass-fed cattle, our beef is a testament to the finest gastronomic traditions of the continent.

A Gastronomic Journey

By bringing the best South African beef to your dinner table, we're not only providing quality meat; we're taking you on a journey through the flavours and culinary wonders of South Africa. This gastronomic journey mirrors the rich interplay of cultures and cuisines that makes South African gastronomy truly distinctive.

Experience Mince Beef with Gastronomic Living in Qatar

Our lean minced beef offers a unique opportunity for residents in Qatar to experience the gastronomic living of South Africa, right from their homes. Marrying a quintessential Qatari tradition of offering only the finest foods with the robust flavours of South African beef, our product brings the ultimate gastronomic living experience to your dining table.
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