Beef Patties

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Beef Patties

Ingredients: Angus Beef mince, Cereal (wheat gluten),salt, dextrose, flavour blends{(MSG[flavour enhancer]),spice extracts,[TBHQ], flavourings, flavour enhancers) flavouring (wheat gluten), flavour enhancers}, dehydrated vegetables (onion), potassium chloride, phosphate, acidity regulator,MSG (flavour enhancer), preservative {(sodium metabisulphate),(sulphur dioxide)}, antioxidant (sodium erythorbate), smoke flavouring, spice extracts.
Allergens – Wheat (Gluten)
Not Suitable for people with Wheat Gluten, Soya Bean, Egg and Milk Allergy
Storage: Keep Frozen below -18C. Defrost fully before use. Do not refreeze once defrosted. Do not exceed expiry date
Manufacturer: Gastronomic Organic Food
Partnership Trading W.L.L
Intended use: Product must be cooked thoroughly before consumption
Net Weight 400g

Product Description

Our beef patties are made from the highest quality South African beef, ensuring a delicious and flavourful experience with every bite. These patties are organically raised and carefully crafted to provide you with the health benefits of lean beef while delivering an incredible taste sensation. Whether you're grilling them up for a backyard barbecue or cooking them on the stovetop for a quick and easy meal, our beef patties are sure to satisfy your cravings and leave you wanting more. 


- Made from authentic and finest-grade South African beef 
- Organically raised for a healthier option 
- Rich in flavour and juiciness 
- Versatile and easy to cook 


- High-quality protein source for muscle growth and repair 
- Provides essential nutrients like iron and zinc 
- Supports a healthy and balanced diet 
- Convenient and delicious option for quick meals or gatherings

Why Go For Beef Patties?

Unveiling our prime Beef Patties, expertly crafted from the finest South African beef. These succulent patties are a testament to South Africa's robust flavours and quality meat, promising to turn any burger into a gourmet experience. Made from 100% pure beef, these patties are not only tantalisingly tasty but also uphold the principles of sustainable and ethical farming.
Indulge in the rich, hearty flavours of our South African Beef Patties. Every patty, with its perfect blend of lean meat and fat, ensures a juicy, tender burger that will have your taste buds yearning for more. Whether you're grilling outdoors or pan-frying indoors, these versatile patties provide the foundation for a culinary masterpiece.

Choosing our Beef Patties offers more than just a delectable meal. As a rich source of high-quality protein, iron, and other vital nutrients, these patties contribute to a nutritious diet, aiding muscle growth and overall health. Moreover, our patties are sourced from South African farms that are committed to sustainable practices, helping to preserve our environment for future generations.

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Don't hold back on experiencing the true taste of South African cuisine. Order our Beef Patties today and transform your home cooking into a gastronomic delight. With every bite, embrace the fusion of premium quality, unforgettable flavours, and sustainability. After all, the joy of eating is about more than just taste; it's about knowing you're making choices that benefit your health and our world. Contact us now!

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