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Legacy beef boerewors with cheddar cheese

Ingredients:Beef, Water, Cereal [wheat bran (gluten, Triticum aestivum), maize], spices (irradiated), flavour enhancer (MSG E621), spice extracts, flavour enhancer E635. Preservative sodium sulphite E221, yield max 1.485% SO2. White Vinegar.
Contains Wheat (Gluten)
Not Suitable for people with Wheat Gluten, Soya Bean, Egg and Milk Allergy
Storage:Keep Frozen below -18C. Defrost fully before use. Do not refreeze once defrosted. Do not exceed expiry date
Manufacturer:Gastronomic Organic Food
Partnership Trading W.L.L
Intended use:Product must be cooked thoroughly before consumption
Net Weight500G

Product Features & Benefits

Our Legacy Beef Boerewors is a culinary treat handcrafted from 100% grass-fed beef sourced from South Africa’s prime cattle farms. This traditional sausage is free from artificial preservatives, ensuring a healthier and more natural flavour. The added cheddar cheese, sourced from local dairy farms, introduces a creamy richness that complements the boerewors’ robust flavour profile.

High in protein and packed with essential nutrients, our boerewors is a nutritious addition to your diet. Its rich flavour makes it a star of any BBQ, and its cultural heritage adds an intriguing talking point to your meal.

Fully Benefit from the Product

To fully appreciate our Legacy Beef Boerewors with Cheddar Cheese, grill it over medium heat until it’s wonderfully brown and crisp. Pair this with a side of creamy ‘pap’ (traditional South African porridge), a slice of bread, or a fresh garden salad for a wholesome, well-rounded meal. This boerewors is not just a delicious treat, but also a great way to introduce a piece of South African culture to your friends and family. Savour the flavours and celebrate the rich heritage of South Africa with each mouthwatering bite.

When it comes to our Legacy Beef Boerewors with Cheddar Cheese, it’s about more than just a meal; it’s about celebrating an authentic South African culinary tradition. This mouthwatering sausage delivers an unrivalled combination of flavour, quality, and heritage that few can match. So why wait? Dive into the cultural richness of South Africa today. Place your order now and experience the unique blend of spices, high-quality beef, and creamy cheddar that makes our boerewors a meal to remember. Or contact us today.


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