Product Description: Our frozen mutton is guaranteed to give you one of the best-tasting mutton due to its superior and natural quality. It is skinless, 6-way cut and boneless for optimal Ease of Cooking (EOC). No Preservatives, Chemicals or Artificial Flavours are added.

– 6-way cut & boneless
– Skinned neatly
– Carefully selected mutton without bone
– Varieties – shoulder/ whole leg/knuckle/neck

– Easy cooking – pre-cut pieces help ensure each piece is as tender and juicy as possible, saving time in preparation and hassle at the grill or stovetop.
– Freshness guarantee – this product contains no chemicals or preservatives and instead opts for a combination of freezing temperatures that locks freshness longer.
– Versatility – works great on the grill, induction stovetop and with various worldly spices like barbecuing sauces which help bring out a unique taste.

FYI: 5 Health Benefits of Mutton

#1. Packed with Natural Vitamins – The usual serving size of mutton contains around 32% of our daily Vitamin B-12 requirement. This vitamin is essential for healthy red blood cell production. It also contains Vitamin B-3, vital for metabolizing fats, proteins,  and carbohydrates from your diet.

#2. Potent Source of Essential Minerals  Mutton is highly rich in iron and zinc. Mutton is a lump of red meat containing iron essential for healthy blood cell formation. Zinc, on the other hand, helps develop the body’s natural immune system. It also purifies the skin and promotes nail and hair growth.

#3. Good for the Heart – According to a study at Harvard, mutton’s unsaturated fat helps maintain a healthy heartbeat, enhances good cholesterol, and other related health benefits.

#4. Rich in Protein – Mutton is naturally rich in protein that helps in muscle growth, development, and maintenance.

#5. Promotes Sexual Health –  Mutton helps balance your hormones and increases your libido, which is good for couples having hormonal issues.

With all these great health benefits of mutton, overeating might cause adverse effects. Thus, it is best to combine meat with salad and fresh vegetables for a healthy meal.






Frozen mutton