Cabanossi Beef Droewors

Ingredients: BEEF (90%), WATER (5%), Salt, Cereal [Wheat Bran (Gluten – Triticum aestivum), Maize*], Spices (Irradiated), Phosphate (E451), Starch (Tapioca), Curing Agent [Salt, Preservative (Sodium Nitrite) (E250), Sodium Carbonate (E500), Colourant (E127) – Packed Separately; Mix Immediately Before Use], MSG (Flavour Enhancer) (E621), Ascorbic Acid (E300), Flavourings, Flavour Enhancer (E635). *Contains Genetically Modified Organisms
Contains Wheat (Gluten)
Not Suitable for people with Wheat Gluten allergy
Storage: Keep Refrigerated.
Once opened consume immediately. Do not exceed use by date. For use by date see front of pack
Suitable for freezing on day of purchase.
Defrost fully before use. Do not refreeze once defrosted
Manufacturer: Gastronomic Organic Food
Partnership Trading W.L.L
Intended use: To be eaten as a snack
Net Weight 100g, 500g & 1kg


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Cabanossi Beef Droewors

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