Product Description: Our Beef Silverside is a high-quality cut from the hindquarter of the cow, which we bone and roll for easy roasting. With a deep red colour and a delightful taste, it’s one of the finest cuts you can find. So whether you’re looking for something for Sunday roast with all the trimmings or to serve as part of your gourmet dinner spread, beef silverside is sure to impress.


  • High-quality beef
  • Boned & Rolled ready for roasting
  • Deep red colour
  • Delightful taste
  • Rich in iron
  • A high-quality lean cut of beef
  • Low in calories
  • All-natural
  • Grass Fed & Hormone Free


  • Enjoy a flavorful yet lean cut of beef, perfect for slow-roasted recipes.
  • Leaner than other cuts like ribeye or tenderloin, but still incredibly tasty!
  • An excellent roast joint that you can cook in many different ways
  • The perfect centrepiece to any special occasion feast or weekend treat.
  • Tender & Juicy Taste
  • Great Roasting Joint
  • Versatile Cooking Option – Perfect for Slow Cooked Stews & Steaks

To maximise the benefits you can get from your beef cuts, eat your favourite meat recipes with vegetables and salads for healthier meals you and your family will always love to have.  Your family’s wellness and happiness are our top priorities, so we always make sure the give you the freshest and the best cuts in every best possible service we can offer. So, feel free to get in touch here.

beef silverside Beef silverside