Beef Cube Rolls are perfect for cooking, allowing you to create various recipes. Our high-quality beef cube rolls are made with fresh ingredients that provide a great flavour and contain essential nutrients such as protein and iron. The cube roll has a firm texture, making it perfect for stuffing, grilling, and even baking recipes. This thinly-sliced beef has a rich and smoky flavour that can enhance the taste of almost any meal. It’s simple to cook and can be used to make delicious stews, tacos, sandwiches, stir-fries, and more!


  • Thinly-sliced beef
  • The rich and smoky flavour
  • Perfect for a variety of dishes
  • High in protein and iron
  • 100% Natural ingredients
  • High-quality source from certified sustainable sources  


  • An easy way to add flavour to your meals
  • Great for preparing quick dishes during busy days
  • High in protein, making it a great source of energy
  • Iron content helps keep you healthy
  • 100% Natural ingredients
  • High-quality source from certified sustainable sources  
  • Perfect for any meal – toss into a stir fry or use as a protein base for soups, tacos, sandwiches and more.
  • Low fat means guilt-free meals
  • Lean cuts of 60/40 mince make for healthy and easy cooking

To maximise the benefits you can get from your beef cuts, eat your favourite meat recipes with vegetables and salads for healthier meals you and your family will always love to have. Your family’s wellness and happiness are our top priorities, so we always make sure the give you the freshest and the best cuts in every best possible service we can offer. So, feel free to get in touch here.


Beef cube rolls